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Defining of digital writing

Digital writing is more than just a skill; it is a means of interfacing with ideas and with the world, a mode of thinking and expressing in all grades and disciplines.


Nowadays, the Internet has changed our writing. There are more and more people begin to write every day, including e-mails, text messages, blogs, online forum, etc. More and more people choose to write, writing also begins in the form of diversification. In a sense, the written communication is very popular, people like this way of writing. However unlike when writing between two people was private, much of today's writing belong to public, which connected through a web of links to other piece of writing. Now, our writing frequently communicates with others, our writing is not just related to us, we talk a lot about our society, culture, and community. At the same time, our writing become more influential, more dispersed, and more abundant than before. In addition, the digital writing can be anything. It is possible a blog post, an e-mail, a text message. It may be a Facebook message, a tweet, or a conversation on online forum. Meanwhile, the internet allows us to communicate through our text in new ways, we can publish our opinion and share it on online communities, everybody can see it and communicate with each other, you can take a stand, you can create your comment, everyone can debate online freely. Anyway, digital writing is a manner of communication, you can use any communicative tools and any methods.

What can we learn from this Wiki?

We offer many different types of writing wiki. These articles include multiple blogs and forums, all of these articles will help you how to effective writing, also help you better understand the digital writing. Every article uses the clear example to illustrate a topic, you can accumulate experience that will be benefit to use blog or forum in the future.

Effective Forum Use

Blog A.R.T.

Tips to Be a Successful Food Blogger

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