Effective Ethos in Film Blogs

Background of Film and Film Blogs

Everyone has his own favorite movie type and each movie has a different story. When people appreciate the film, they are also thinking about the meaning of life, because the movie is a very important part of spiritual life.(#1I think that this sentence needs a little help. Try saying Everyone has their own favorite movie type ad each movie has a different story. When people appreciate a film, they are also thinking about the meaning of life because movies are a very important part of spiritual life.) Now, there are a lot of film blogs, which help audiences understand film and promote the development of a film culture. I believe that one of the most important reasons for successful film blog is that these blogs use ethos to build the credibility. These successful film blogs consist of data, definition, advertising, graphic, links and images, etc. So that it is conducive to show professional bloggers, in order to better attract the audience. In addition, the movie blog can be convenient to communicate with each other, people can express their views and comments. I will take two film blogs to compare, and illustrate how to use the appropriate ethos to establish authority and better communicate with the audience.


Defining Rhetorical Analysis and Ethos

The definition of rhetorical analysis, in the article “Rhetorical Analysis” by Wilhoit, shows that “rhetorical analysis is based on certain assumptions about how writers write and the way writing works. First is the assumption that writing is purposeful, that every text is written by someone who directs it toward some audience to achieve some purpose.” (Wilhoit, 117) From this, we know that effective use of ethos can help readers to obtain the purpose of the writing. For example, in different film blogs, the audience can get different movie information, these movie blogs include different film information, posters, images, plot shooting and so on. These details can be effective to attract the reader's eyes and make them produce a strong interest; it is beneficial for the reader to continue reading blogs. Frequently use of ethos can effectively deepen the audience's impression, so that the different kinds of film blogs can be recognized by them. Moreover, the effectively reference from different authorities to make the audience believe that the content of the film blogs.


Two Film blogs

Film blogs represent a different style of digital rhetoric that provides a lot of film information and culture. To establish ethos is very important for author, because the author needs to use the unique layout to attract audience and expound their views. According to film blogs “Upstream Color” and “Europa Report”, we will get a lot of the latest movie information, these information will help us understand a film, in order to better enjoy your favorite movies, also it is convenient to get information about movie culture. For example, in the film blog "Upstream Color", we know that "The movie is also home to some pretty unusual characters that definitely add another level of eeriness to the plot. They seem to float on and off the screen and in and out of the story in a ghostlike manner." However, in another film blog "Europa Report", we find that "Europa Report adopts a few different genres to give us a thought provoking sci-fi film exploring the possibility of life within our solar system. Being part drama, with a little suspense sprinkled on top, I found that the film is capable of immersing a viewer thanks to its approach." The main purpose of this two film blogs is to introduce the latest movies, as well as provide a professional comment for different films in order to help the audience understand and appreciate the film. But a comparison between the two film blogs is related to ethos use and its effect. Therefore, the blog “Upstream Color” is more rhetoric effective because it uses more ethos to illustrate ideas and more professional than the blog “Europa Report”.

Use of Ethos in two film blogs


Ethos is a specific rhetorical strategy that an author uses to “establish their own credibility as an authority on the topic.” (Wilhoit, 122) This means that the authors need to use ethos to illustrate their views in order to achieve the purpose of convincing the reader, to establish the authority of the credibility. The author can use data, definition, advertising, graphic, links and images to express ethos and build their own credibility. Therefore, film blogs need to use a simple layout to attract audience, making it easy to keep credibility and authority. For instance, in the film blog “Upstream Color”, you can learn about a lot of the latest movie culture, the movie culture includes filming process, posters, description, images, etc. You can quickly understand the information about the film, which is helpful to attract the readers’ interest. For example, the author claims that “I have no shame in admitting that I found the film pretty confusing at times, and parts were fairly unclear, but I think this was mapped with intention on some level to share with the audience the confusion that Kris and Jeff each suffered when possessed by the foreign organism. The more I have thought about Upstream Color, the more I have realized the profundity and sheer beauty of it’s force as a refreshing, discreet, and artistic sci-fi meets thriller meets romance." This paragraph clearly shows the theme of the film. It is benefit to the audience clearly know the movie, which is a good application of ethos.


Compared with blog “Upstream Color”, the blog “Europa Report” lacks of attraction, it not use enough ethos to demonstrate its understanding. In blog “Europa Report”, you can't find there are a lot of professional comments and ideas. The introduction of movie lacks of details and not professional. For example, in the blog, there are not enough explanation which is not persuasive. So frequently use of ethos can better attract the audience, and arouse their interested in blog, a better understanding of the film. In short, in terms of ethos, the blog “Upstream Color” is more rhetorically effective because it uses ethos to achieve the purpose and focus on professional film knowledge, it can be more available to attract audience.


When comparing with the two film blogs, the blog “Upstream Color” is more effective to attract audiences, because it uses more ethos to achieve purpose, also more professional, it is more conducive to cause audience’s attention. In a word, film blogs should use ethos to establish their authority and credibility, and make audience be attracted to film blogs.

In addition, the pathos is also an effective rhetorical analysis, author can use it to improve the digital writing.

(I try proofreading for Conclusion

when comparing the two film blogs, “The Hollywood Reporter” is more effective to attract the audience because it uses more ethos appropriately and professionally to achieve the purpose of (you need to explain clearly what the purpose is). In addition, it has better circumstance to have audience's communication and share their experience. (I got confused what and how makes it conducive to having audience’s communication and sharing experience. I think you need to explain briefly to make it clear.) Finally, film blogs should use ethos to establish their authority and credibility in order to attract the audience to film magazines. )




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