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Blogs have become an increasingly popular forum in the discussion of the fine arts. Blogs allow a user to share their individual experiences of the arts in a larger, online community. Most bloggers want their blog to be seen, talked about, and, ultimately, respected by others in their area of interest. But respect for your writing is hard to come by in the blogging world. Fine arts blogs require an expert understanding of digital writing due to the expectations set by the community. Our blog is made for people who want to share their opinions about the arts, but might not have started their own blog yet. That said, we also want to help those who have started blogs to better them, and create a blog as successful as those which we mention here. While the passion and the interest for the material may be there, the familiarity with blogging might not be. We want to educate them and allow them to learn about the parts of a blog, and how to construct their own, individual blog well.


Writing In A Digital Age

Blogging, like any kind of social expression, has a language of its own. The digital writing used has grown with the popularity of blogs and now encompasses many different aspects that haven't been considered before. Let's face it. The best way to earn the respect of fellow bloggers is to have a good blog yourself, below we outline several areas that need to be addressed when starting your own blog.


Effective Digital Writing Through Music Blogs
In this article, readers who are new to blogging as well as those who find it somewhat a hobby will find out what makes for an effective and successful music blog. By taking a look at a few of our own favorites, and studying the things that they do right, readers will be able to better understand the concepts they need to apply to their own blogs, as well as learn a few other tips and tricks in order to better market them (through social media such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

Effective Digital Writing Through Film Blogs
Film blogs have their own style of writing, and one that is unique among the other types of blogs that exist today. This article will teach you to write effectively, and adapt to the style of writing in film blogs that makes them so successful.

Effective Ethos in Film Blogs
Similar to the article above, this article discusses the effective persuasive writing in blogs, and teaches you how to incorporate this into your own film blog. In doing so, effectively using ethos in your film blog, you will find that your point is getting across more clearly and successfully to your readers, and benefiting all in the end.

Effective Blog Design in Art Blogs
This article discusses the importance of layout and design in blogging. Through an examination of popular visual art blogs, several key areas of design are highlighted and explained. This article focuses on making your blog look as good as the stuff that's in it.

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